Monday, December 15, 2008

Scenery of cemetery

I’ve been attending to three funerals for this almost past two months.

I still vividly remember the look of people that loosing her, his, their loved one. Tears, whine, anger, and regret are blended into one particular circumstance that I’m sure you all know how it feels being around them or being one of them.

Sad, of course. Knowing that your loved one separate into another dimension from you, the unknown.

The first funeral was my one of closes friend’s father. Her father passed away when he was on his duty outside Jakarta. He inhumed in Tanah Kusir.

The second was my college friend. He passed away when he took the intensive medication outside Jakarta also. He is now laid down in his last resting place, Tanah Kusir.

And the third was my old neighbor, a father of my child mates. He placed in Pondok Kelapa grave area.

All those three funerals had their own way of ceremony. Religion and culture made those different from each other, and behind each of those also had a different story;

I remember how an eldest son felt the unbearable repentance for not being at his father side for his last breath and just had a little time to see his father before the coffin closed at the third funeral.

I can’t imagine how my friend’s felt to welcoming her father home as an un-soul-ed body.

At the second funeral I remember how friends reminiscence him back in the college time.
Also at the second funeral the question that I couldn’t answer till now, came out.
“Are you ready?” (Well I silly answered the question with “depends on how I die”). Then i asked again "and, are you ready loosing someone that you love so much?"

I saw a train passed by the cemetery, while I asking myself those questions. I froze for a while and kept gazing that train until it’s gone. That was beautiful (I loves train).

It’s kind remind me about how I’ll never be able to know when, how or where my and people that I love’s train is going to stop.

It could be anywhere, anyhow and at anytime mine stop, yours stop, ours stop, their stop.
sooner or later. it shall stop.

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