Sunday, March 15, 2009

I need name for this park, please help!

in my mind i want to draw a playground with wizard theme.
So far I've just drawn this single ride (I'm working to draw other rides).
Now, i don't know exactly what to name this playground.

Some friends suggested:
# Jinxy woods
# Whizz lane
# Neverendingfun
# Abrakada(land/park)
# Starlet Island / Starlight Woods
# Hocus Pocus World
# While me, just had "Witchery Bliss" crossed my mind.
Please, if some name occur to you, let me know.
And if you also have the idea of the rides, i'll be really appreciate to know, I'm not really good at imagining.
Thank you, thank you....

ps: i don't know how to draw Ferris wheel, below, was a practice.
I planned to draw Ferris wheel with wizard theme, later on.

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