Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ganesha and Jonggrang around book corner

I bought little Ganesha together with Jonggrang couple of week ago in Prambanan, and then put them in a book corner which comfortably match with the books. They will be my model in drawing practice.
I like them. As we all know, here in Indonesia we got so many Hindus' and Buddha's statue in ancient temple. I need to learn more about them.


Little Ganesha taken by: Danar Pramesti
Jonggrang taken by me


  1. iya ya...matching juga. apalagi ganesha dewa ilmu pengetahuan...

  2. ada Dharma Bums-nya Kerouac ??

    - pakcik Ahmad

  3. @Pakcik: iya Pakcik. Oya, Pakcik gabung di Buma ya?