Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hill of Music (where the state of mind of nothing to lose, lies in you)

I was asking my self: what is exactly belongs to me?
And I thought the answer is nothing!
Yes, nothing in this world possessed by me, not even my dog.
I’m totally own less.
Stuffs and persons that I treated as mine are actually God’s.
They’re temporarily stays with me and could be taken away at anytime without any prior notice, by the Master.
When it’s taken, it could cause me a severe pain of losing.
The only way to reduce the pain before it’s taken away is to accepting that I’m not owning them,
that they’re also like me; a foreigner on earth.
But, that is not a justification for me to be an irresponsible human being, to be a careless person.
I still have to keep an eye for them, and, in order to avoid regrets once it lost,
I also have to hold on what lies before me today, don't take it for granted.
It is an advance task to do, because I need to be able to love and enjoy what’s around me
and at the same time, not too attached to them.