Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doll collection

Here's some of my doll collection:
Miniature Ganesha, well actually this is not a doll, this is mini statue
A Pinnochio Marionette

A 5 set Russian nesting doll; Elena, Katya, Olga, Tatiana & Ekaterina Kurchev

A Troll called Nancy

My Moon Boy

My moon boy with his moon on his hand..


Kimo was about to fall a sleep when i called him ;p

i need music

This woman finds something soothing through music

Dandelion Blue

Dandelion blue fly..
fly fly high.. say hi to everyone....

fairy on my mind

meet my friend, she said she forgot her name......

Poor Yolly

Oooh..poor Yolly.. :(

Kimo thought it was a mouse

"Kimo...! That is not a mouse....! that's my...errrr..mouse!?"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Robot Illustration

Made the line in one of my classes in Carrot Academy. The color was done with the intension to explore the media.

*i think i'm a robot*

Friday, September 24, 2010

Two Sides

Everything has two sides.
Night and Day.
Play and Sleep.

Happy or sad, only you, can choose. 

Lila The Fairy's Clothes Designer

I made this for a friend of mine who runs her own small fashion business.
I've always think, she must be at her best time when designing clothes.
When she creates she fells like dancing on the moon.

Stick Fairies And Their Houses

Fly, fly, fly
Fairies love tree and so do I.

High, high, high
Fly me up to the sky

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ganesha and Jonggrang around book corner

I bought little Ganesha together with Jonggrang couple of week ago in Prambanan, and then put them in a book corner which comfortably match with the books. They will be my model in drawing practice.
I like them. As we all know, here in Indonesia we got so many Hindus' and Buddha's statue in ancient temple. I need to learn more about them.


Little Ganesha taken by: Danar Pramesti
Jonggrang taken by me

Leena and her Russian Doll Family

Meet Leena and her Russian 
doll familly. 

Mbak Lenny kindly brought me these from Berlin.
They're super cute!!

Left picture taken by me
right pic taken by Danar Pramesti

Nancy (Nenek Cyhir)

Meet Nancy, she's a fine troll given from my dearest friend, 

Vara when she was on duty to Norwegia.

All pics taken by me

Monday, July 5, 2010

Look around you!

Look around you.
you might find yourself facing a bit of surprise of what you see.
These are few of things i saw around and surprised me.

Big eyed flower. Did you know, here in Indonesia this flower called "Mickey Mouse" flower?

I Found this rabbit jump around in housing area.

This kitten laid in dust pan in front of mini market.

The very basic idea of "Ksatria baja Hitam", i think ;p

Can't you see? They look just like dancing fairies with beautiful skirts.

All pics taken by me

Susahnya nyeket candi

Certianya beberapa waktu yang lalu mau muter-muter candi untuk di sket langsung.
Sket candi pertama dalam trip ini (gambar di bawah) bikin drop dan menyadarkan saya yang terlalu ambisius. Akhirnya kebanyakan cuma foto-foto dan tanya-tanya soal sejarah candi-candinya. Nanti belajar lagi di rumah, sebelum lain waktu sket langsung di depan indahnya candi-candi.

Candi Plaosan Lor

Hasil sket langsung-nya..hahaha. jauh! terlalu ambisius sodara-sodara.

bermain garis yang (diusahain) lepas untuk bikin outlinenya.

Pic taken by me

Tuesday, January 5, 2010