Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doll collection

Here's some of my doll collection:
Miniature Ganesha, well actually this is not a doll, this is mini statue
A Pinnochio Marionette

A 5 set Russian nesting doll; Elena, Katya, Olga, Tatiana & Ekaterina Kurchev

A Troll called Nancy

My Moon Boy

My moon boy with his moon on his hand..


Kimo was about to fall a sleep when i called him ;p

i need music

This woman finds something soothing through music

Dandelion Blue

Dandelion blue fly..
fly fly high.. say hi to everyone....

fairy on my mind

meet my friend, she said she forgot her name......

Poor Yolly

Oooh..poor Yolly.. :(

Kimo thought it was a mouse

"Kimo...! That is not a mouse....! that's my...errrr..mouse!?"